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List building is one of those things every smart marketer is constantly focused on. You want a bigger list. You want a more responsive list. You want a list you can have a real relationship with and build a real income from.

That doesn’t always come easy. You can set up a list building funnel. That’s a great method. It’s something that’s really tried and true.

But, those list members are freebie seekers. Some, even many, will go on to buy. But, not all of them, probably by far.

You can make sure all buyers of your products get added to your list. That’s even closer to ideal. These are proven buyers. They’re likely to buy again at some point in the future. That’s great—it’s a wonderful, profitable thing to have a buyers’ list.

The issue is that you want more. You want more people on your buyers’ list and you want to take advantage of the traffic affiliates can send your way.

That’s an important point right there. One of the best ways to build your list is to get affiliates to promote for you. They send their traffic, their traffic buys, they get a commission, you get paid, and their buyer goes on your email list. From this point forward, you can now email that buyer (that the affiliate initially sent you) to promote to in the future. That buyer is proven- they are more likely to buy from you again than a freebie seeker would be.

That’s great!

But… how do you get more affiliates to promote for you?

What if you had dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of affiliates promoting for you all the time? That would be fantastic—you’d be building your list like crazy.

It’s important to realize though that your offer is just one thing in a vast sea of offers. The super affiliates out there can choose to promote anything. Why should they promote your offer?

You know your offer’s great, but how are you going to convince them of that? What added incentive are you going to give them to promote your product over the other options that are out there?

Here’s where this gets good.

It’s actually easy to stand out and get more affiliates on board. Therefore, it’s actually easy to get more buyers added to your list.

You just have to give up one thing. This one thing is totally worth it in the end. This one thing can lead to greater riches than you probably ever thought possible.

What is this one thing? It’s your upfront profit.

Instead of giving your affiliate a portion of the sale of your product while you take the remainder of the profit, you’re going to pay them all of the profit.

They are going to get 100% commission on the sale of your product.

Have your eyes gotten big yet?

Maybe you’ve seen people do this and you’ve always wondered why? Why on earth would a product creator be willing to hand over 100% commission to the affiliate?

After all, they likely spent a lot of time creating the product. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into it, right?

Sure they did. But, they also know that it’s going to pay off so, so much more for them if they do the 100% commission for affiliates.

They give up a small amount of profit now, entice more affiliates to hop on board and promote and build their list of buyers more quickly.

Once people are on their list it’s Game On!

We’ve talked already about the fact that affiliates need something more to want to promote for you over everyone else. Getting all of the commission can absolutely push them over the edge.

When you’re giving affiliates 100% commission, they’ll be more likely to promote for you in the first place. So, that means you’ll get the affiliates who would’ve promoted for you anyway along with those who are taking a chance on you for the first time.

As someone in email marketing and product creation, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re interested in gaining as wide an audience as possible. You want people to know who you are. You want people to be joining your list left and right.

That means getting a lot of exposure. You want your products to be mailed out to additional audiences within your niche that haven’t had the chance to get to know you yet or join your list yet.

Being able to easily get in front of these new audiences makes offering 100% commission a no brainer.

In addition to getting more affiliates to promote for you, those affiliates will be more likely to mail multiple times for you. You’ve no doubt heard before that it often takes buyers a few times (7 is the commonly quoted number) of seeing your offer before they go ahead and buy. The more often affiliates are mailing about your offer, the better.

So you have more affiliates mailing more often—great stuff.

There are some important things to consider. First, make sure your chosen payment processor is okay with you giving this commission. There are unconfirmed reports that PayPal might frown on this, though that could be total speculation.

You should also make sure you get your offer in front of affiliates in the first place. They won’t promote for you if they don’t know about your offer…even if it’s at 100% commission!

Also, know that there may be others in your niche who are offering the same sort of thing. That means you might have to differentiate yourself in another way. Maybe you can come up with a fantastic, highly relevant upsell that they will also earn from to sweeten the pot.

Make sure you have great affiliate software that’s up to the challenge. Note that many, if not most, affiliates going for 100% commission will want to be paid instantly. JVZoo and other software make this possible—less your PayPal and JVZoo fees. If you have a stellar reputation already, then they’ll be more willing to wait for a commission payout so long as it’s a good one.

Are you ready for this? It’s a great way to build your list and affiliates really like it. You should already be tying product sales into list building so this is one way to make it happen even faster so you can earn more with a bigger list and wider audience as an email marketer.