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One thing that sets very successful email marketers apart from so-so or unsuccessful ones is the amount of passion they have and are willing to show.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned many times in other episodes, you always want to be building, maintaining, and improving the relationships you have with those who have decided to join your list

I realize that you won’t always have a direct relationship with them in a way that will enable you to put an exact face along with a name, but still you should at least know who your target audience is as far as what makes them follow you in order to hopefully solve whatever problem they might have.

So as you do that, and as you sit down to write your emails, it should feel as if you’re writing to a friend.

If you were actually writing to a good friend, you would share information that bonds the two of you. You would mention people, places, and events that are familiar to both of you.

And you would only recommend things to them that you really think they would enjoy.

To a specific friend you would more likely recommend things like restaurants and movies and places to vacation, etc., of course, because you aren’t really caring about their buying something that will bring you income.

In other words, there would be no affiliate links involved, and no linking to a product that you’re selling.

But in business relationships, where you’re writing to a much larger group of people, things are a little different, though not entirely.

I’ve mentioned before that people on your list do look to you for advice on buying a solution to a problem they’re having.

In some cases, the solution will evolve, in that it won’t exactly be a “do this and your problem ends” type of scenario. Rather it will get someone a step closer to the solution.

I’ve also mentioned before that when the most successful email marketers make a recommendation, they are recommending solutions they’ve actually experienced.

Just like you wouldn’t recommend a restaurant to a friend if you hadn’t eaten there yourself, you don’t do your followers any favors if you recommend a product sight unseen.

And that’s where passion comes in.

When I write emails recommending products, it generally is because I have first hand information about that product.

If I created the product myself, that’s pretty obvious, of course. I’ve invested resources (time and money) into the creation of that product, and the decision to do so was only made after researching and soul searching about whether or not the product would fill a need.

So all along the path of creating that product and writing the sales and email copy, the passion came out because I want people to experience and appreciate what I’ve made with them in mind.

Let’s take a step back… “with them in mind”…

You should never create a product without an audience in mind that needs and will benefit from what you’re creating, whether it’s an infoproduct, a physical product, or a software product.

So now let’s move on to a product that you’ll recommend as an affiliate.

You should experience that product. You should actually own it (or have a review copy that you can inspect up close), or sometimes you just trust the creator because you’ve worked with him or her in the past and you know that person does great work that your audience will appreciate.

Of course, in some cases you’re unable to get a review copy, or it’s inconvenient or expensive to do so, or you don’t have the specific problem yourself. For example if you’re recommending a product that solves a certain skin condition, and you don’t have that condition, you’ll have to rely on reviews and the experience of others.

Or maybe you’re recommending the purchase of an automobile accessory, and you don’t own the automobile that the accessory is for… in that case you’ll again have to rely on reviews and the experiences of others that have actually used what you’re recommending.

But whenever possible, especially in the case of an infoproduct, you should actually have a copy to review, whether you’re given one by the author, or you actually spend your own cold hard cash.

Once you’ve actually become familiar with the product, have enjoyed the benefits of the product, and are sure that your followers will benefit from the product, now it’s time to put it all together.

If I believe in my heart that a certain product will solve a problem that someone has, and provides great value while doing so, I consider it my obligation to make sure that those people are made aware of the benefits of buying the product.

You’ll very seldom see me write emails with just lukewarm recommendations. My best emails are filled with superlatives and benefits and reasons why the reader should buy or at least check out my recommendation.

In other words, my email is filled to overflowing with passion about the product and what it can do.

When writing the email, I get into a zone where it’s like I’m writing to a specific friend who I know very well, and who has a desperate need that I can help with.

Now I know, if 1000 people read my email, not all 1000 will have that desperate need.

But enough of them will, and the passion I put into my words inside the email will cause them to look further and very often to make a purchase.

In our mindset episodes, we’ve talked several times about how setting goals are good, but not good enough. Instead, and before, and as well as setting goals, you need to have a Reason Why that inspires you to take the action to reach your goal because… well, because it’s now a burning desire to do so.

And so too, with a passionate email, you want to instill in your reader a Reason Why they should follow your advice where no Reason Why had previously existed.

I’m not suggesting using psychological tricks to hypnotize your audience, but I am suggesting that if you really believe that someone will benefit from what you’re recommending, you should do whatever you can to let them know that fact.

And if you don’t believe, if you can’t be passionate about your recommendation, even a little bit…

… then don’t send that email. It’s as simple as that.